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Q.   Is my pension taxable and will I receive a form for filing my taxes?
A.   Yes.  All benefits are taxable income because neither you nor the employer paid taxes on the
       contributions.  You will receive a Form 1099R annually, and the amount paid to you is reported
       to the IRS.  The Form 1099R must be mailed to you by the end of January each year, so if you
       have not received it by then, you should contact the Plan Office.  The Plan can withhold federal
       tax from your payments in the amount you designate.

Q.  Can employees elect to pay additional contributions to the Plan?
A.   No.  The Plan can only accept contributions paid by the employer except in the limited
       circumstances described in the Plan Document.

Q.   Can I receive Social Security Benefits in addition to those provided by this Plan?
A.   Yes.  Benefits paid by the Social Security Administration are independent of this Plan.  You should
       file for any benefits to which you are entitled from Social Security.

Q.   Are there automatic cost-of-living increases?
A.    No. The pension formula is not lowered in order to provide future increases.  Cost-of-living
        increases or bonus payments will only be considered by the Board of Trustees if the Plan
        is overfunded.

Q.   When may I obtain a statement of the Service Credit and the benefits I have earned?
A.   You may request from the Plan Office a statement of Service Credit and benefits earned.
       Participants with current contributions will automatically receive a statement after the end
       of each year.

Q.   May I receive a loan or hardship withdrawal of my Vested Pension?
A.   No.  These two features commonly found in Defined Contribution plans [such as 401(k) plans] are
       not available in traditional Defined Benefit plans like this one.  The main purpose of this Plan is
       to provide retirement security by paying a monthly pension for the life of the pensioner and, in
       some cases, the life of the spouse.

Q.   Does my account earn interest?
A.    No.  Because this a Defined Benefit Plan, the pension formula is set such that pension payments
        will normally exceed the amount of contributions; the excess being  funded by the Plan's
        investment income.

Q.   If I owe money, can I sign over my pension benefit?  Is it subject to lien or garnishment?
A.   No.  The Plan is not allowed to accept any pledge or assignment of your pension payment, and it
       cannot be attached, garnished or levied against by anyone to whom you owe money.  If you are in
       bankruptcy, pension benefits do not count as part of your assets.  Exceptions:   Qualified Domestic
       Relations Orders, described in Section II(G).  Also, the Internal Revenue Service can assert a lien
       or levy against monthly benefits that exceed a certain amount, if you fail to pay federal taxes.

Q.   When can I elect a rollover of my benefits to my IRA account or another qualified plan?
A.   If you are vested for a monthly pension, that benefit cannot be transferred.  However, certain lump
       sum payments are eligible rollover distributions.  Before payment, you will be provided with rollover
       information and be given an opportunity to elect a rollover if you qualify.

Q.   Can my monthly pension be deposited directly to my bank account?
A.   Yes.  Complete the direct deposit sign-up section of your Application for Pension.  Although your first
       check will come to your personal address, subsequent monthly payments will be made directly to your
       bank on the first business day of the month, without delays from checks being late, lost or stolen.  If
       you are currently receiving pension and have not signed up for direct deposit, please call the Plan
       Office for information about the advantages of this  free service.

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